Worship Teams

Acolytes: Acolytes perform such duties as lighting the altar candles, carrying the processional cross and torches, ringing the Sanctus bell, and carrying bread and wine to the priest or deacon. Children age eight and up as well as adults are encouraged to participate. Serving as acolytes can be a way for the entire family to serve together at the altar. The Verger is responsible for training and scheduling the acolytes. Contact Annette Baker for more information.

Altar Guild: Altar Guild members, chosen by the Rector, are devoted to Christ and His church, and are willing to give of themselves to the service of His altar. Members are responsible for seeing that the Sanctuary is spotlessly clean and perfectly prepared for all services held in the church. Volunteers are welcome and encourage. Contact: Priscilla Miller – prismiller@bellsouth.net

Lectors: Lectors, sometimes referred to as Lay Readers, are members of the congregation who read the Old and New Testament lessons and the Psalms and lead the Prayers of the People during the service. Contact Annette Baker for more information.

Greeters: Greeters welcome all who come to worship at St. Gregory’s. They help newcomers and visitors feel welcome by answering questions and providing information about the church.

Ushers: The ushers are important to our worship. They assist parishioners, visitors, and clergy before, during, and after the service. They must be prepared to cope with any emergency that may arise.

Vergers: The Verger’s roots lie deep in history and can be traced back through the medieval Church to the New Testament and beyond. The verger today is someone committed to serving the Lord through practical ministry in the church. The verger serves through a very special, indeed unique, and time-honored lay ministry.
For more information about Vergers, visit The Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church

Lay Eucharistic Ministers: Formerly called chalice bearers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers are licensed by the Bishop and assist the Clergy in administering the sacrament during the service. Contact: Annette Baker, abaker@st-gregorys.com

Lay Eucharistic Visitors: The LEV Ministry is tasked with delivering communion to those members who are not able to receive it in church due to illness or infirmity.  We visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities, usually once a month.  We are additionally tasked with providing pastoral calls and wellness checks for those who may not wish to receive communion for various reasons.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David Cominole via email at david.cominole@att.net, or by phone at 561-376-9056.

Healing and Music Ministry: The St. Gregory’s Chapter of the International Order of St. Luke is a healing and music ministry for a hurting world. The healing and music ministry offers healing prayers, laying-on-of-hands, and anointing on Sundays during Holy Communion at all Sunday Services and on Thursday at noon. If you have questions on the schedule, or the Healing Ministry, please contact Susan Manwaring, susanjm@me.com

Flower Guild: Members of the Flower Guild take flower displays from Sunday services and create individual arrangements that are delivered to home-bound and hospitalized parishioners.