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As Christians, we believe service transforms us: it reveals what Christ-like compassion means, helps us become better individuals, and alleviates the suffering of those in need, transforming hearts and community through Jesus’ love. Come volunteer with us today through one (or several!) of our ministry groups involved with outreach.

Family Promise: St. Gregory’s played a leadership role in establishing a Family Promise interfaith hospitality network in South Palm Beach County in 2008. Family Promise is a charitable organization composed of a network of host and sponsor faith communities of many religions and denominations. The program brings immediate but temporary shelter, meals, and support services to homeless families. The goal is to restore the families to long term self-sufficiency. For additional information about the network and to learn about how you might volunteer, please visit the Family Promise website or email Madonna Turner at

South Florida Haiti Project provides food, shelter, education, and much more to impoverished children and families in Haiti.

South Florida Haiti Project provides food, shelter, education, and much more to impoverished children and families in Haiti.

South Florida Haiti Project: St. Gregory’s began a ministry to Bondeau, Haiti, in 2000 that included education and housing. As the ministry grew, we invited others to join us in supporting Bondeau and renamed the ministry South Florida Haiti Project. Today South Florida Haiti Project is an adjunct charitable organization of St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, and many other partners and donors have joined the ministry. The mission of South Florida Haiti Project is to improve the living conditions of the people of Bondeau, Haiti, by raising funds, providing in-kind gifts, sending volunteers for programs focused on creating a culture of brotherhood and spirituality in the Episcopal tradition, and providing clean water, basic education, health care, nutrition and shelter. You can support this amazing ministry through clothing donations, packing food to send to Haiti, financial contributions, and many other ways announced periodically through St. Gregory’s depending on the need. For more information about South Florida Haiti Project, contact David Gury at

Environmental Committee: This group’s goals are to promote and protect natural resources and to foster and develop a love and awareness in others of the environment. To achieve these goals, the Environmental Committee encourages conservation through recycling, provides educational opportunities through field trips and speakers, writes monthly articles and participates in removing tons of trash annually from the roadways of Palm Beach County. They encourage reflection on living life in relation to God and the environment and to recommit to conserving natural resources by decreasing society’s carbon footprint. For more information, please contact Jim Miller at jim_d_miller@earthlink.nett.

Meals with Meaning: Working together, with God’s help, to love and serve others. We strive to help those in need while upholding the dignity and value of those that are most vulnerable.

  • Emergency Food Closet – open weekdays 9:00 AM – 12 PM
  • “Give-On-The-Go” Sunday lunches 1:15 PM – 1:45 PM
  • Hygiene Cabinet at the Sunday lunches
  • Socks & Undergarments at the Sunday lunches
  • “Sharon’s Supper” on the 4th Sunday 4:00 PM
  • Annual Thanksgiving Day meal       

“How can I help?” That is the question asked by so many of you. Most of whom follow it up by asking, “What can I give besides money?”  I would say your time for one. We have our Give-on-the-Go lunches every Sunday from 1:15 – 1:45 PM. We also need your prayers. Continued guidance on what Meals with Meaning needs to be for the good of this community and for all of God’s children remains the heart of this ministry. 

Every Sunday, from 1:15 – 1:45 PM, St Gregory’s sets up tables in the courtyard from which we provide sandwiches and goodies to go. We are also able to offer hygiene products. This has been such a gift to those who need them. Such items range from shampoo and soap to sunscreen and lip balm. Additional volunteers to help this ever-growing outreach program is always a blessing. Our brothers and sisters we see on Sundays are so appreciative and kind. This “Give on-the-Go” program not only allows us to hand out tangible items they need, but also allows us to give and share the love that our merciful God has so freely given to us.

Last, I would offer a closet clean out to help us. Do you have toiletries that you take home from hotel stays? We would love them! Any unopened, unused toiletries will be put in our hygiene cabinet. Other items that would be used are lip balm and small squeezable sunscreen bottles. Contact Rose Vallee, or Gena Vallee,

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