Our beloved member Virginia Harrold was in her garden at home when her neighbor came over and asked, “so how was church this week?” Since Virginia never tires of talking about church, she went on to tell her and ended with mentioning our Baby Formula Drive. Virginia was happy to tell her that she was going to be donating a case. Her neighbor asked why just one? Perplexed, Virginia pressed on and said with confidence, “yes I think this is a fine donation.” Little did Virginia know that God, our Great Orchestrator, was at work. Less than a week later, we had 40 cases of baby formula being picked up from the distribution center where Virginia’s neighbor works! So many people had to be intertwined to make this happen. The biggest take away besides the amazing haul of baby formula is that we are never retired from God’s work. He is always using us for Love’s sake and for His glory. If you see Virginia, ask her about the tiny details that God included to make this masterpiece come together.