Aglicanism was born out of the intense and lethal Catholic and Protestant conflicts in the 16th Century. The Church of England with its Via Media – Latin for “Middle Way”- established a way of following Jesus that married the sacramental Catholic Tradition to the biblical, Word of God centered Protestant Tradition. With God’s grace, our tradition discovered and continues to discover the blessed gift and invigorating strength of unity in diversity. This is never easy. It certainly wasn’t easy for the diverse, motley crew of disciples united around Jesus. Blunt fisherman with calloused hands didn’t mix easily with former Roman Empire Collaborating Tax Collectors. Five hundred years of practicing unity in diversity teaches us that the temptation is to accept a shallow, feel good peace that avoids wrestling with the challenges of the Gospel. But at our best, the gift of unity in diversity imbues Anglicanism with an inspiring depth and comprehensive breadth that energizes our witness to the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ. Last week as we gathered for conversation around the prickly issue of politics and preaching, and as we spoke with heartfelt candor about our feelings and reactions to this challenging topic, we witnessed Anglicanism’s gift of unity in diversity in action. This is our strength. It has the power to transform hearts and community. I am grateful for it.