Godly Play is just wrapping up a wonder-filled first year at St. Gregory’s and what a first year together it has been! As we met each Sunday to gather in our Circle, surrounded by the circle of stories of the history of God’s people we had the chance to wonder deeply with the Great Family of Abraham and Sarah through the sometimes dangerous desert, through the Parables and into the Resurrection and about what our work might be. We also were about to share Godly Play outside the box with our New Comer’s classes to share the Circle of the Church Year and other stories
 for those who might be coming to St Gregory’s from a  different faith practice and needed some guidance into a liturgical calendar or the Sacraments. We were also able to share Godly Play at both our Advent and Lenten retreats in intergenerational groups, in our Family Rise and Shine services, and of course the Christmas Pageant! It’s been a blessing to tell so many stories to so many people in so many different ways – thanks to all who have supported and encouraged fellow Storyteller Silvia Hall and me over the last year. 

During the month of June I will travel to St. John’s Newfoundland to gather for the Godly Play North America Conference (which will have 10 different countries representing their programs), to keep growing in this spiritual practice and to be nourished as we look toward another year of learning from each other. If you have any interest in becoming part of Godly Play at St. Gregory’s let us know – it is truly life-giving. 

Anna Thomas
Godly Play Missioner