St. Gregory’s has several members who were born in Venezuela and immigrated to the U.S. Recently, and in some cases with tears in their eyes, they have asked me to pray for their native country that is so torn by political strife and economic turmoil. One of the women shared that she is regularly sending a care package to her family back home, which has basic supplies of food and medicine which are being distributed to family members and neighbors in need. 

Be careful of prayer… and God’s response. Several days after adding this to my list of prayers, I received an email from a community leader who is originally from Venezuela. She is organizing a drive for baby formula, which is in desperately short supply in Venezuela. She has developed a network of volunteers who travel to Venezuela and are willing to transport the formula in their luggage. This avoids any trouble with customs agents who might otherwise seize and resell the formula. As this was described to me, I humorously thought of baby formula “mules.” I was touched that she thought of St. Gregory’s. We are living into a calling to serve as a sacred hub of service — living out our mission of transforming hearts and community through Jesus’ love. People in the wider community are taking note.

Jackie and David Rodgers, newer members of St. Gregory’s who feel called to respond to the needs of youth and children, assisted by our Outreach Ministry team of Gena Vallee, Alicia Menda Lopez and Maria Patton, are helping to coordinate a St. Gregory’s response. Come into Harris Hall Hall after Sunday morning services to see how you can help our Venezuelan brothers and sisters. They are in desperate need of baby formula. St. Gregory’s is conducting a baby formula drive now through April 7th. Please consider supporting our St. Gregory’s families and the children of Venezuela. And continue your prayers!