This Sunday we will be sharing the Godly Play story of The Faces of Easter during our Rise and Shine service. This story is so important because it shows us Jesus’ full path from birth, through his ministry, to his death and resurrection. Too often in the life of the church we miss out on the profoundness of Jesus’ experiences during Holy Week.  Unless families with children are able to attend the weekly services, it’s as if we move straight from Jesus’ triumphal entry to the resurrection of Easter, confusing the full message of the suffering Jesus endured along the way. We understand that it can be difficult to bring children to church on a weekday evening, so our hope is that this offering will be a starting point for St Gregory’s families to wonder together more fully about the great Mystery of Easter. Our Godly Players have been making connections while working with this story for a few Sundays now, leading me to want to share it with entire families so that during Holy Week, if we can’t make it all the way to church, we might at least be sharing the stories of God in our homes.