Music Ministry

The St. Gregory’s Music Ministry is the heart and soul of the church, providing the soundtrack for our faith life. Through music we celebrate God’s love and express the joy we find in him.

The music at St. Gregory’s, like the church itself, is diverse, traditional, and dynamic. We offer a diverse range of musical opportunities for adults, youth, teens, and professional singers, ensuring that people ages nine to ninety-nine are involved. We honor the beautiful traditional music of the Episcopal faith while embracing the dynamic, contemporary sound of modern Christianity.

Under the direction of Timothy Brumfield, Director of Music Ministry, the music ministry’s slogan, Great Music at St. Gregory’s, has come to life in exciting ways. From the Concert Series to the choirs, our music ministry is growing and thriving. We invite you to attend a concert or worship service to enjoy the musical “fruit” of our labor. Come hear what Great Music at St. Gregory’s sounds like—you won’t be disappointed!

Interested in performing at St. Gregory’s? Email the Director of Music Ministry.

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