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The St. Gregory’s Knitters Ministry

Rector’s Bible Study: The Rector’s Bible Study, led by Fr. Andrew, meets on Wednesday evenings to study scripture and other readings. Each year this popular study has a special theme. This Bible study is for anyone at any level, from lifelong Bible readers to first-timers. The sessions center on friendly discussion in a quasi-Q and A format. People can sit back and listen, or engage in the conversation—whatever feels comfortable! Contact Fr. Andrew at or 561-395-8285.

Foyer Groups: Foyer Groups of eight to ten parishioners meet monthly to get to know one another better in a social setting. These groups provide an excellent way for newcomers to become integrated into the parish. Groups form in the fall and spring. Activities vary from theater to a covered dish dinner at a host’s home.

Cursillo: “Cursillo” is Spanish for “a short course.” Cursillo is a Spanish invention, a tool for building church leaders. The concept worked so well it is being used around the world and by different church denominations. Cursillo is a three-day weekend (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon) that has a lifetime impact. If you love Church traditions, if you enjoy both traditional and modern church songs, if you enjoy jokes and fellowship, powerful church services and simple meditations, high seriousness and wonderful frivolity, Cursillo is for you. Cursillo weekends for men and women are held annually at the Duncan Conference Center in Delray Beach. For more information on Cursillo, talk to Fr. Andrew Sherman or visit the Cursillo website for the Diocese of Southeast Florida. Contacts: Father Andrew Sherman,

Tuesday Morning Bible Study: This group meets to discuss the readings that are assigned for the upcoming Sunday worship. Join them Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. in the second floor conference room. For more information, please contact the church office.

The Tuesday morning Bible study group.

The Tuesday morning Bible study group.

St. Gregory’s Gardeners: This is a fun, energetic group that loves flowers, gardening, and making the church grounds reflect our love of church and God. They meet every Tuesday morning and maintain the entire church property, from planting orchids and laying weed control fabric to watering the palms and trimming bushes. Members often form close friendships, and those who have retired are always invited to join them for fellowship. Contact Jane Barile:

St. Gregory’s Knitters Ministry: This group meets on the first Monday of every month from 10 a.m.-12 noon in the St. Gregory’s Library. The main purpose is to gather knitters and crocheters to enjoy friendship time as well as to work together, exchange patterns and ideas, and receive instruction and guidance as needed. The group welcomes knitters and crocheters of all skill levels and participants can receive instruction, suggestions or guidance. The group’s creations are donated to a number of charitable organizations. In addition, several members create prayer shawls which, when completed, are blessed by clergy and then distributed to parishioners with special needs. Contact Susamma Cherian, facilitator at 561-395-1199 or

Lunch Bunch: Lunch Bunch gathers monthly to provide a social outlet and unique dining experience to all parishioners. They meet at a different restaurant each month to share good food and conversation and meet and greet new members and old friends. Information is posted monthly in What’s Happening and the printed bulletin. Reservations are always necessary. Contact Candace Midboe at 561-756-9629.

St. Gregory’s Book Club: The Book Club meets on the third Sunday of each month at 11:45 a.m. in the library to discuss a wide range of books selected by club participants. The meetings are conversation-driven and intended to broaden one’s perspective through reading about faith. All are welcome, including non-St. Gregory’s members. Participants are encouraged read the books before the meetings, but doing so is not a necessity. The club’s mission is not only to discuss books, but also to expose people to books they have not read and generate interest. For more information, please contact, Teri Hernandez,

Office Angels: St. Gregory’s is always looking for Office Angels, or volunteers to serve in the church office on a regular basis or as needed. From taking calls at the front desk to assisting with mass mailings, we rely on a dedicated group of volunteers to help with light administrative tasks. Anyone can be an Office Angel, and we hope you will join the team!