Youth Group

     St. Gregory’s Youth Group is for all 6 – 12 grade students. Our Youth Group lives out faith in action through fun and fellowship. From Sunday School, Wednesday night Holy Happy Hour, Friday game night, to the annual trip to Kanuga in North Carolina, everyone finds a reason to call St. Gregory’s Youth Group their home. We encourage our youth in finding their passion and purpose that God has given to them. We regularly have community service events. As well as unique opportunities for our youth to discover what makes them smile. Some of these activities include: candle making class, leadership training, cooking class, peer counseling and mental health awareness, food packing and board games in their very own Youth Room. This list is evolving and changing as do our youth.  We live out the four ships: Discipleship, Stewardship, Fellowship and Worship in all that we do.

     In the beginning of 2019, we were co-founders of the Boca Raton Interfaith Youth Association, BRIYA. This group is thriving and now includes youth from both the Muslim and Jewish community. BRIYA meets once a month for dinner, discussion, fun and learning. For further information about our youth programs, please contact Gena Vallee, Director of Youth Ministry.




     St. Gregory’s offers confirmation classes that guide teens on their spiritual journey and teaches them about the Episcopal faith. Led by our clergy Fr Andrew Sherman and Fr Ben Thomas, these classes help guide our youth towards knowing Jesus for themselves.  For more detailed information about confirmation classes, contact Rev. Ben Thomas.



Check out the St. Gregory’s Youth Group rocking Camp Kanuga!