Online Banking: Easy way to give recurring or one-time gifts. If you don’t have an online account, sign up with your bank. Simply log into your online account and set up an automatic payment option, indicating St. Gregory’s as one of the companies that you wish to pay on a recurring basis or for a onetime transaction. Spend a few minutes in January setting it up for automatic monthly payments and you won’t have to think about it again until next year. 
Recurring – We do it for you: We can set up everything for you. Call our Parish Administrator, Ron Knowlton, at the Church office (561-395-8285) and give him your credit card information. All your information will be kept completely confidential. Simply indicate which day of the month you want the card to be charged and the amount. Do this in January and don’t think about it again until next year. (Note – For those who receive reward points with their credit card, this is a great way to rack up some extra points!)
Recurring or one-time – You do it yourself: You can set this up easily by going to and search for St. Gregory’s. Spend a minute or two to set up your account and then select the relevant options: frequency of payments, making a one-time gift, amount of payment, etc. Once your account is set up, you can access it at any time from your mobile phone and give when you are inspired. 
Text to Give: It’s as easy as texting to 646-832-4848 and entering the code (191628) to set up your account. Next, all you have to do at any time is to send a message to 646-832-4848 and enter the amount you would like to give (e.g. $25). Your gift will be processed immediately. 
Fun Fact: We currently have over 72 Parishioners using our secure credit card processing and Faithstreet to give. Using an electronic option is a great & easy way to support St. Gregory’s financially. 
Other Giving Options: You can put a check or cash in the plate on Sunday. We also have parishioners that give stock or a retirement disbursement annually for their pledge.