2 hours light duty serving a lunch prepared by Joshua Catering to 100 local seniors who are enjoying a fun day of bingo, cards, etc.
Mondays through Fridays. 10:45am to 12:45PM
Pleasant and not physically taxing, seeking volunteers aged 16 to 96. Very friendly people! You can volunteer for convenient days, as a small group or individually. John Sawdon handles volunteer registration 561-395-8920 x205 sawdonj@volencenter.com.
Marilyn Athey 561-289-6747 and Maralee Pope 847-712-1891 mpope@accuvoice.com helped serve last Friday, and are inviting anyone from St. Gregory’s who’s interested this Friday, July 13 at 10:45am.  Call or text to join us!
Arrive Volen Center 1515 W. Palmetto Park Road west of Kmart at rear entrance on north side of building by 10:45am
Go left into dining and kitchen area. Don apron, gloves, hairnets provided by Volen Center.
Fill pitchers with ice water and set on tables, toss out any remaining breakfast bowls.
Set out disposable luncheon cups and cutlery packs.
Help put the cold food: fruit, bread, butter on the regular and kosher lunch plates.
After staff plates the hot food at 11:45am, take lunch plates and small cartons of milk out on light carts to serve diners, and collect their lunch tickets.
After lunch, clear away disposable tableware and condiments, and empty the water pitchers.
You can enjoy a very nice little lunch if extra food is available, while guests are eating. We were done by 12:45 pm.