Although we didn’t attend any of the prescribed Sabbatical events—for a variety of excuses including schedule conflicts, family visits and vacation—Char and I did experience a strong sense of Sabbatical through the efforts of our dynamic duo of priests—Pastor Angela and Fr. Craig. These two charming people transformed a time that could have felt like a drought into a time of heightened spirituality through their warm personalities, their heartfelt sermons, their loving inclusiveness, and their sweet humor. Working with them on the altar during this time was a deep joy for both of us, giving us a strong sense of family and belonging. When they cried, we cried. When they laughed, we rejoiced. We are so grateful that before leaving us for his own Sabbatical, Fr. Andrew set up this echo Sabbatical with this wonderful format. Thank you Andrew, and Angela and Craig for this Sabbatical experience!