St. Gregory’s is proud to announce the addition of a new endowment fund, the Yvonne Plewes Memorial Music Fund.

Established in memory of St. Gregory’s member Yvonne Plewes, this $40,000 fund will initially support special music for Christmas and Easter services. As it grows, the fund will support other music ministries at St. Gregory’s, serving as a financial anchor for the music department.

“Music is such a vital part of our worship life,” says Fr. Andrew. “I’m so excited that this will allow music ministry to truly flourish at St. Gregory’s.”

Yvonne loved St. Gregory’s deeply and had a special heart for its music ministries. This deep love led to her desire for a lasting legacy within the church, a legacy that will benefit generations of musicians and allow the music program to thrive.

Committed parishioners like Yvonne have for many years fostered a spirit of enthusiasm and excellence within the St. Gregory’s music department, said Tim Brumfield, director of music ministry. “That spirit is what drew me to St. Gregory’s, and this endowment will now help that spirit really come alive and thrive,” Tim says. “It was a dream of mine to have a memorial fund for our department, and now that dream has come true because of Yvonne. It will sustain our work and allow it to reach new and glorious heights.”

St. Gregory’s invites other caring parishioners to contribute to the Yvonne Plewes Memorial Music Fund to help it grow and provide an even greater impact in the coming years. Please consider making a gift to this endowment or one of the other endowments that support ministry work at St. Gregory’s: the St. Gregory’s Endowment (General), the Anne de Wolfe Food Fund, Helena Von Kreuter Seminarian Scholarship Fund, the Haiti Endowment, or the Eastburn Endowment for Family Promise and South Florida Haiti Project.