secondary school 1The new secondary school building in Bondeau, Haiti, is practically finished! This work was accomplished thanks to generous donations to South Florida Haiti Project from Church of the Advent in Stuart, FL, St. Gregory’s, and others; these funds were matched by St. Gregory’s Eastburn Endowment for double the impact. Mission teams from Church of the Advent also contributed to the school’s construction.
Pere Phanord, rector of Bon Samaritan Episcopal Church in Bondeau, is delighted to have the secondary school finished. He plans to have the Bishop of the Diocese of Haiti, Bishop Duracin, dedicate and bless the new building during the celebration feast of Bon Samaritian on July 10. This dedication will coincide with the pilgrimage being made by a group of youth and adults from St. Gregory’s. 

The secondary school has an enrollment of over 100 students and is expected to grow with the new building.  Prior to the new building, classrooms were made out of small rooms in the elementary school as well as apartments on the campus. The new building occupies a prominent space on the campus and is a source of inspiration for all who see it.
However, there’s still work to be done on this school–and South Florida Haiti Project needs YOUR help!
secondary school 2The secondary school still needs furniture (i.e. desks, chairs, etc.), ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Any donations made to South Florida Haiti Project to complete the school will be matched by St. Gregory’s Eastburn Endowment. Just think: every dollar you contribute will have twice the impact!
Please consider helping South Florida Haiti Project finish the secondary school. To donate, please write a check payable to South Florida Haiti Project with the note “Secondary School” in the memo and send to South Florida Haiti Project, c/o St. Gregory’s,, PO Box 1503, Boca Raton, FL 33429. Thank you in advance for your generosity!