From the Environmental Committee
The colors red and green typically represent the Christmas season. Let’s take the green part up a notch and go “extra green” by reducing the environmental impact we make this holiday season. Below are just a few ideas to care for our earth while still celebrating the season:

Gift wrap and shopping bags create 4 million tons of trash each year in the U.S.

  • Buy Less – Families can simplify gift giving and cut down their lists by drawing names so each person only buys one special gift instead of for each family member. Also buy fewer store-bought items and give more handmade unique gifts.
  • Buy Smart/Think Green – Look for locally made gifts, lessening the impact of transportation’s greenhouse emissions; give battery-free gifts, avoiding discarded batteries which are an environmental hazard; RE-GIFT, passing on something you will not use or need – it’s ok!
  • Connect with Nature – Start a tradition with family to take a hike, plant a tree, make edible ornaments for birds, and more.
  • Lower the Impact of Holiday Lighting – Use LED lighting and outdoor mini lights to save energy.
  • Choose a Live Tree – Real trees are more sustainable.
  • Make Homemade Cards – Use children’s artwork, or use photos from last year’s calendar.
  • Try Alternatives to Wrapping Paper – In the U.S. the annual trash from gift wrap and shopping bags is over 4 million tons! Use eco-friendly paper or re-use wrapping paper from the year before, re-use boxes, use tape sparingly, and avoid metallic paper.
  • Reuse/Recycle/Donate – Reuse bubble wrap, gift paper, and ribbon and bows, donate old electronics; even Christmas trees can be used for compost.
  • Read more tips for going green this Christmas here.