The Palestrina setting of the Matin Responsory is one of the most familiar and beloved settings of this traditional Advent text. Normally sung at the Night Office on the first evening of Advent, we are using it throughout the season of Advent.  Originally in Latin and usually sung to Gregorian Chant, Palestrina’s setting was one of the first “modern” settings utilizing polyphonic structure. The call and response by the cantor and choir signals that of a messenger announcing the good news and the people responding “Tell us if you are the one to reign over us.” The Trisagion, Greek meaning thrice holy, is one of the most ancient of all hymns, originating in the fourth century in the Eastern Orthodox church. Originally in Greek, it has since taken the form of both Greek and Latin and Tomas Luis de Vittoria’s setting masterfully weaves both tongues into a glorious and reverent work, with each verse preceded by a freely improvised organ introduction.