December was joyfully tumultuous for the Sherman Family.  We started off with our Annual Open House, having decorated all through November.  What fun it is every year to have the house full of sparkle with old and new decorations!  It is always a blessing to welcome everyone in the church to our home for fellowship and holiday treats.  It also showed us how nice it was to start off the month this way, so we have now decided that the first Sunday in December will always be our Open House day.  We want to extend our sincere thanks to all those who brought delicious treats to share for this year’s Open House and to those who helped to set up and clean up –we could not have done it without you!
Open House was followed soon after by the Ornament Exchange party, which we hosted for the first time due to Harris Hall being occupied for another event. Even though it was a tight fit, we managed and everyone had a great time and some truly — shall we say — unique ornaments were exchanged.  A real highlight was the presence of Bill Unger with daughters Juliana and Jenna (recent transplants from Boca to Jupiter and beloved St. G members) who surprised us with a visit.
Then came the annual staff party, one of our favorite events of the year.  What a treat to gather for this delectable pot luck lunch when most of the Christmas work of service planning, bulletins and a thousand other details have been largely accomplished.  As has been our tradition, the Shermans provided the entrees (roast beef and roast turkey this year) and everyone else brings along a side dish or dessert.  You would be hard pressed to find a more delicious meal!
In between all these wonderful events we celebrated Jacob’s 21st birthday, shopped for gifts, sent out cards, watched Christmas movies (some of our favorites include It’s a Wonderful Life, The House without a Christmas Tree, and versions of A Christmas Carol), enjoyed our decorations, attended some holiday parties and cherished family time.  On Christmas day we shared a great supper together with everyone enjoying at least one favorite dish (this made for a very eclectic meal!!) and finished up with dessert and our annual traditional viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  It’s always good to be reminded by Linus what Christmas is all about.
Finally, we do want to thank every one who sent us cards and treats all through the holiday season.  It never ceases to touch us   how you remember us so kindly and graciously during this busiest of times.  We will be sending written notes of thanks soon, but did want to take this opportunity to say thanks as well.  (Note — if you sent a treat and do not receive a note from us, please, please alert us!  Sometimes in the Christmas hustle and bustle, a note or tag gets separated from a package.)
We hope that — just as good old Ebenezer Scrooge learned to do — each of us can honor Christmas in our hearts and keep it all through the year.
Happy New Year from the Sherman Family!