third grade (2)As we all know, St. Gregory’s is blessed with many ministries doing wonderful work locally–work our congregation witnesses daily. 
But what about the work we sponsor overseas that isn’t necessarily right before our eyes?
South Florida Haiti Project, an organization started by St. Gregory’s that has expanded to include many other partners, is hard at work improving the living conditions of the people of Bondeau, Haiti. How does SFHP accomplish this? By raising funds, providing in-kind gifts, sending volunteers for programs focused on creating a culture of brotherhood and spirituality in the Episcopal tradition, and providing clean water, basic education, health care, nutrition and shelter.

Here’s an update on what SFHP has accomplished recently:
  • Education: At the Bondeau school, 325 children are about to complete another year of education in grades K-11. Gifts to SFHP support teacher salaries and operation expenses, which keeps tuition low for Bondeau’s needy families. The quality education at the Bondeau school is about to get even better. At the end of September, SFHP’s partner, Touissaint L’Ourverture High School, will lead a teacher training program for the lower and upper school teachers in Bondeau. South Florida Haiti Project received grant support to underwrite this first program in a series of training events planned for the next two years–a valuable training opportunity for Bondeau’s teachers!
  • Healthcare: SFHP has focused keenly on healthcare recently. In the last six months, their work has included nine medical missions; establishment of a school nurse program; development of a satellite clinic in Matel, a nearby village; medical specialty treatment instituted in 2015 for the identification and treatment of cervical cancer and a pediatric program focusing on infant nutrition and the identification of infant heart abnormalities; and plans underway for the institution of a community health care worker training program in late 2016. Over 2,000 unduplicated patients are being treated!