In June 2018 Patrice came to St. Gregory’s as a volunteer to provide service to God and the community. After coming to St. Gregory’s, Patrice immediately felt a sense of belonging and connection. The organization and community welcomed her as a family member.

Her New England upbringing provided Patrice with her strong values and work ethic. Patrice is one of 9 children which instilled her with the appreciation for family, sacrifice, sharing and communion. She is blessed with two beautiful daughters and a husband of 25 years.

Patrice has been a resident of Florida for 19 years, 17 in Orlando and 2 in Boynton Beach. She has a worked in a variety of capacities with several organizations.  She worked in a marketing and customer service role with FedEx for over ten years and as an Office Manager for the Edward Jones financial team. Her background allows her to serve both internal and external organizations customers at a high degree of professionalism.

Patrice is very personable and enjoys interacting with people of all walks of life. She is passionate about making the world a better place by paying forward from her blessings.  She enjoys nature and preservation.  In addition, she loves to cook and bake. Above all Patrice is passionate about family, community, and service.