Gena came to St. Gregory’s with her wife, Rose, in 2016. They became members and their teenage daughter, Josephine, is a part of the youth family here. Gena is a Florida native, living on both the west and east coast of Florida. She moved to New England for about 4 winters, but came rushing back to sunny FL! 

In addition to her love for this church and passion to lead the youth, she loves spending time with family. Her mom, sister, brother, nieces and nephew all live here in Palm Beach County.  She enjoys working out with friends at her local boot camp style gym.  She especially loves running alongside of them in outdoor obstacle course races whenever possible. 

Gena worked at FedEx Express for 19 years prior to joining the St. Gregory’s team.  At FedEx, she was a delivery driver, customer service representative, operations manager and quality assurance agent. In addition to FedEx, she has had many side jobs including serving, painting, exercising with seniors at the YMCA, and was even “Bubby” the clown as a young kid. Currently, she works 1 day a week at a golf course. Her golf course buddies have become family over the past 8 years. She has met some amazing people over the course of her work career that have helped shape her into who she is now, a fun, energetic, Jesus loving woman.