Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s 2018 ECW Women’s Education Scholarship Award Program. With successful ECW fundraising efforts and due to the generous donations of our greater church parishioners, and, as part of St. Gregory’s ECW mission in alignment with the National ECW organization, this program helps to bring aid to women to help them become equal partners within their communities; and provide an opportunity for women to improve life for themselves, their families and their communities.

The St. Gregory’s ECW sponsors this scholarship program (gift) up to and totaling $1,000.00 specifically offering two (2) scholarships at $500.00 each to two (2) individual students. 

Once your application is received, post application deadline, applications will be reviewed for consideration. Award recipients will be notified and receive their awards either on or by September 2. Please review all instructions prior to completing your application. 

Who is eligible (Applicant Criteria):  This scholarship was created to support all women aspiring to complete an education – including whatever training/academic program they deem desirable. Women of any age can apply who have been members of St. Gregory’s for no less than 6 months and are already enrolled in an accredited* program (including online). Scholarship recipients can only receive one scholarship in any given year. Participants can reapply in any following year (assuming the scholarship is offered) with priority going to those who have yet to receive any ECW scholarship prior. Applicants must complete an application, (including proof of academic enrollment) and submit a 300-500-word essay. Applicants cannot already be receiving full funding for their education from their school or institution. Priority is also given to those women who don’t already have a masters or professional degree. 

Scholarship Allocation:  Recipients can use their gift reward as they see fit.  For instance, the purchase of groceries, gas, books, etc.

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