Remembering-911I’m not quite sure why I’m writing this, but on the way home today, I was listening to stories about 9/11/01.  The stories were about the survivors, the families of those who didn’t survive and all of the many people who rushed to help – the police, firefighters, paramedics, and all the citizens who were nearby – and often didn’t survive themselves.  

It’s hard not to break down in tears when you hear their stories.  You wonder why this happened, why it affected those it did, why was I so lucky to be far away and finally, what can I do about it?

I got a push – a push to speak out.  To talk about what happened that day, what we were doing when we learned about the attack and how it affected us all as individuals, as loved one and as a nation.  And to talk about what we can do about it.  

What can we do?  There are many ways that people use to cope with the bad news about 9/11 and about all the other bad news that’s out there today.  Some ways are effective and others are not only ineffective but destructive.  But the bottom line is God.  We are being called (and pushed) to reach out to God and ask for the strength to cope.  

And for me, the answer is to love others, care for others, serve others, be there for others.  I realize that I can’t change what’s happened and I have no personal power to prevent evil in this world.  But I can help others.  Others who are in my sphere.  I can listen for their cries.  I can be there when they’re in pain.  I can’t do it all but doing SOMETHING is all I’ve been asked to do.

One little thing.  One little thing to help others and show your love. We are God’s angels.  We have to reach out.

Candy Donnelly