Led by The Rev. Benjamin Thomas
“You speak in my heart and say, ‘Seek my face.’
Your face, Lord, will I seek.”  – Psalm 27:11
Join us for this year-long dive, deep into the mystical heart of Christ. One of the greatest losses in our Christian West has been the loss of memory about our own contemplative heritage. From the time of Jesus, (and carried on by the Desert Mothers and Fathers), the Christian path was always about complete spiritual transformation. Today, however, our collective amnesia of that heritage at the roots of incarnational living is too often relegated to “spiritual masters” of other faiths. This seminar seeks to reclaim the Paschal Mystery to be the organizing principle around which and toward which we orient our lives.
Through the lens of our Anglican/Episcopal identity and tradition as revealed in baptism, this seminar seeks to uncover and give articulation to our spiritual desires and longing already at the heart of the Christian faith. In an effort to find union with God in communion with others, we will explore the following: The Meaning of Salvation, Initiation into the Body of Christ, The Holy Eucharist, Sacramental Church and Living, Spiritual Life and Growth, The Bible, and The Anglican Way. In an attempt to bring to light the unique and inextricable connection between the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible, we will be using these books as our two main texts for this study.
The contemplative life is the calling of all Christians. Therefore all are invited on the journey. 
Join us every Wednesday starting 9/20 from 7-8 pm in the conference room.