ASEnsemble033In the final concert of the 2015-16 Concert Series, the American Spiritual Ensemble, a world-renowned choir, sang at St. Gregory’s on Sunday, April 3–and the audience was floored by their performance.
“Having now experienced the American Spiritual Ensemble’s performance, an army would have not kept me away,” says Beth Osborne, a congregation member in attendance who also hosted three of the singers in her and her husband’s home. “Never in my life have I experienced such an incredibly moving event. I laughed, I cried, and I had major goose bumps!”
Attendance at the American Spiritual Ensemble concert was the highest of any show in the 2015-16 Concert Series, a testament to the momentum built over the season and the overwhelming talent of the singers. The St. Gregory’s Concert Series, in its second year, is becoming a go-to series for great music.
american-spiritual=ensemble-panFr. Andrew Sherman, who also attended and hosted the group’s director, Dr. Everett McCorvey, at the rectory/parish home, was blown away by the American Spiritual Ensemble’s performance.
“This was more than a concert; it was spiritual, cultural, and historical experience brought to life by these amazingly talented singers,” he says. “Their performance moved me to tears at several points. To have a chorale group of this caliber sing at St. Gregory’s was a gift from God.”