Welcome to St. Gregory’s!

We are glad God led you to St. Gregory’s. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, know that you are welcome here. At St. Gregory’s, we are focused on forming a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ—and with newcomers like you. We love our traditional worship style, but our services are also dynamic, inspiring hearts and hands to action. Below you will find information about worship services, becoming a member, and frequently asked questions.

What to Expect During Worship

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When you arrive, a greeter will welcome you and offer a printed bulletin that contains the order of service and Sunday announcements. Please feel free to sit wherever you like. If you need assistance finding a seat, please do not hesitate to ask an usher.  

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the organ music if you’re at the 8 a.m. or 10 a.m. Sunday service—here at St. Gregory’s, as in most Episcopal churches, we love our organ! The music connects us to the Episcopal Church’s rich history and reminds us of the awesome power of God’s love. You can hear our outstanding choir during the Choral Eucharist at 10 a.m. on Sundays. You will likely notice the prominent stained glass windows in the sanctuary as well, beautiful renditions of Christ and Biblical history. They are especially gorgeous in the morning.  

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Becoming a Member

Everyone is welcome to attend services and participate in events at St. Gregory’s, with or without formal membership. If you are ready to formalize your commitment, we have a clear, spiritually rewarding path to membership—let’s get started!

First, meet with Fr. Andrew or any clergy member to discuss our congregation’s mission and parish life. This is a great opportunity for you and the clergy to get to know one another better. We don’t want you to be another face in the crowd; we want to establish a meaningful relationship that helps you grow spiritually. Then attend a New Member Class, a relaxed, five-session course led by Fr. Andrew. He’ll explain the core values of the Episcopal faith and life at St. Gregory’s. The class prepares adults to be baptized, confirmed, and/or received into the Episcopal Church. For those who’ve been members at another Episcopal church, the class is a great refresher, and for all it reveals how things work here at St. Gregory’s and why our church is so uniquely life-giving.

For youth and teens, we offer special confirmation classes on Sundays as well as First Communion classes. Read more about classes for youth and teens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join St. Gregory’s instead of another church?
Our mission is “to make known to all people the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including ALL, excluding none.” In other words, we welcome all who walk through our doors. In a world where issues of class, sexuality, race, and gender often divide society, we strive to focus on Christ’s command to love and serve. We’re not the only church doing this—in fact, many are—but St. Gregory’s combines love and service of all people with traditional worship to create a unique spiritual home you’ll find nowhere else. We are a dynamic downtown church where you might hear the organ and the guitar in the same hour, where you will see a diverse and engaged congregation, where you will feel the timeless love of God in traditional stained glass and in sermons that address contemporary themes. We are a church of the past, present, and future—and, most of all, one devoted to sharing Christ’s abundant love.

What’s the definition of membership?
Members are those who have been baptized into a relationship with God in Jesus Christ through water and the Holy Spirit, and whose baptism is recorded in our church. Membership also means a commitment to join actively in the worship and community life of the church and support it with your prayers, time, talents, and financial gifts.

How do I learn more before deciding to become a member?
We encourage thoughtful reflection before deciding to pursue membership. To help with your decision, you can learn more about St. Gregory’s in the following ways:

Worship: Attend our services to help you get a feel for St. Gregory’s and meet our clergy and congregation. This is probably the best way to learn if St. Gregory’s is for you.

Connect: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and subscribe to our weekly newsletter, What’s Happening.  Staying up-to-date on our latest events and news will help you understand our daily life and how we put the Gospel into action. You can also peruse other parts of this website for more information: Who We Are, Great Music at St. Gregory’s, Defining Events, and Children, Youth and Families.

Get Involved: There’s always something going on at St. Gregory’s, meaning there’s always a chance to meet parishioners and learn more about our church. Come to a Bible study or meet up with the Brothers of St. Gregory’s or the Wise Ones.

Serve and Make a Difference: We invite you to serve alongside us as well. Help us pack bagged lunches for impoverished families, fill backpacks for needy children, or support our work in Haiti. Click here for a full list of amazing service opportunities.

Relax with Us: Finally, come have fun with us! Enjoy one of our many outstanding concerts, hear a lecture, bring your pet to our annual Pet Blessing, shop at our Christmas Emporium, or treat your children to water slides and games at our Back to School Community Picnic. Who knew church could be so entertaining? 

Who can I speak with about membership or other questions?
You are always welcome to reach out to Fr. Andrew via email or phone at 561.395.8285 to discuss membership and other spiritual questions. He is more than happy to help!

If you’re looking for information related to children and families, please contact Rev. Benjamin Thomas, assistant rector.

For general information about events, ministries, or worship, please email office@st-gregorys.com or call the church office.

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