Get Involved with a Ministry

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to feel disconnected. At St. Gregory’s, we foster meaningful connections within our congregation, creating friendships that last a lifetime. We have more than 80 ministry groups, meaning you’re certain to find the right one (or more!) for you.

Some of these groups focus on a particular activity, such as the St. Gregory’s Gardeners or our Bible study groups. Others have a more general mission of service and companionship, such as the Young Professionals or Episcopal Church Women. These groups might complete many different activities.

We define a “ministry group” as an organization devoted primarily to fellowship between congregants and/or to service within the church. For information on groups that serve the wider community and offer volunteer opportunities, visit our Serve and Make a Difference page.

To help you get a full grasp of our ministries, we organized them into categories—but keep in mind that many groups cross category boundaries. If no contact person is listed, simply call or email the church office for more information.

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