Spiritual Growth: Transforming Hearts

St. Gregory’s has launched a new initiative, “Spiritual Growth: Transforming Hearts.” This initiative is part of our larger goal of fostering increased spiritual growth within our congregation, a goal that arose from our strategic planning process. On our “Spiritual Growth: Transforming Hearts” page, you’ll find resources to guide you on your personal journey to increased spiritual growth and updates on the initiative. Ultimately, we hope “Spiritual Growth: Transforming Hearts” will bring you closer to God and Jesus Christ.


About Spiritual Growth: Transforming Hearts

  1.  We, St. Gregory’s, want to grow spiritually. We want to help people move wherever they find themselves in their relationship with God.
  1.  We want to identify and provide the resources to help us grow spiritually as individuals and as a congregation.
  1.  We want to cultivate a culture of expectation among our members that spiritual growth and the transforming of hearts is the norm of our life together; we want to make it part of our spiritual DNA.
  1.  We want all that we do–all our ministries–to connect with and flow from our relationship with God in Jesus Christ as enabled by the Spirit.


Helpful Resources

Spiritual Life Inventory Results: Our congregation recently completed a survey called the Spiritual Life Inventory. This survey helped us understand spiritual life at St. Gregory’s, what our members want from the church and our ministries, where we can improve, and what we’re doing well. Here at St. Gregory’s, we’re studying the results of the Spiritual Life Inventory to make St. Gregory’s the best church it can possibly be. We encourage you to read the full report as well.

Strategic Planning Update: See the latest strategic plan from St. Gregory’s.

photo2016 Women’s Lenten Retreat: The 2016 Women’s Lenten Retreat took place at St. Gregory’s February 5-6. Our theme, “Embracing Scripture: God’s Word Comes Alive!”, guided our time together and was inspired by the our recent emphasis on furthering spiritual growth through deepened engagement with Scripture. Because we found our time together so meaningful and uplifting, we now offer the retreat schedule, Scripture readings, and discussion questions online for anyone to use and enjoy. 

Read More about the 2016 Retreat

Schedule and Discussion Questions

Scripture Readings