Father Andrew’s Summer 2016 Sabbatical

Father Andrew has been blessed with the gift of a sabbatical from May 1 to August 20, 2016. He will be back with the congregation on Sunday, August 21, with his first day back in the church office on Monday, August 22. Pastor Angela Cortiñas, Assistant Rector to Youth and Family Ministries, and Fr. Craig Burlington, Priest Associate, will provide pastoral leadership during this time. When Fr. Andrew sends photo updates or short messages, they will appear on this page.

Meet the Sabbatical Leadership

Upcoming Sabbatical Activites

Boca Museum Visit: To mirror Fr. Andrew’s study of art this summer, you are invited to join St. Gregory’s second Sabbatical Pilgrimage on Sunday August 7. Enjoy lunch at Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant in Mizner Park at 11:45, followed by a visit to Boca Museum’s All Florida Invitational Exhibition. This year, five internationally-recognized,Florida-based artists selected five early-career artists to participate. You will see works by the five-member selection committee alongside the work of 25 artists they believe show great promise. Our own Betsy Craig, an art expert, will lead us. Uncle Julio’s will issue separate checks.  Museum entrance is free. Sign-up sheets are in Harris Hall or call the office at 561-395-8285. Reservations are required. Register today!

Back to School Community Picnic: Save the date for the Back to School Community Picnic on Sunday, August 21. The picnic starts after the 10 a.m. service and runs until 3 p.m. Enjoy a waterslide, bounce house, food, and more. Let’s kick off the school year, register for Sunday School, and welcome back Fr. Andrew! 

About the Sabbatical

What is a sabbatical?

Sabbatical time is for rest, reflection, and spiritual renewal. It is also an opportunity for him to have some uninterrupted family time.

What is Fr. Andrew doing and where is he going?

He will be in Israel and France for the majority of the time visiting holy sites, cathedrals, and more.

What about the Sherman family?

The Shermans will also be on sabbatical, but they will be home some of the time and away some of the time with Fr. Andrew.

Who is in charge while he is away?

Pastor Angela and Fr. Craig will work with Senior Warden Nancy Stroud as a Sabbatical Leadership Team. Parish Administrator Ron Knowlton will continue to oversee the day-to-day office and facilities administration. For pastoral emergencies, please contact Pastor Angela or Fr. Craig; for ministry or administrative questions, please contact the church office.

Will he send regular updates while he is away?

Fr. Andrew will not be sending regular articles, but he will likely send occasional photos with short messages. When those updates arrive, they will be posted on this page (below) and on Instagram.

What will be happening at church during Fr. Andrew’s sabbatical?

Sunday and weekday worship will continue as usual. Ministry activities will also continue as usual, though some ministries typically take a summer break.

There are many special sabbatical activities available for the congregation–the idea is that we are all on sabbatical together! As you’ll see above, we created a “Sabbatical Tasting Menu” of activities. Choose your favorites to create a full spiritual meal this summer. Look for more details about these events as they approach in our online newsletter, What’s Happening, on our Facebook page, and the printed Sunday bulletin announcements.

NOTE – There will be NO Simple Gifts services during the months of June, July and August. Why? With the sabbatical, other summer activities, and times when Pastor Angela or Fr. Craig might also be away, we will not have enough clergy to manage both services.


Photo Updates from Fr. Andrew


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