Community Christian Counseling Center

This is our professional and Christ-centered pastoral counseling ministry. If you are going through a difficult time, or life transition, dealing with depression or anxiety, resolving a trauma or want to work on your relationships, marriage or parenting skills, please contact Elizabeth Pankey Warren at 561-866-6607 or

Elizabeth also works with children and adolescents.  Along with her work as a therapist, Elizabeth teaches Yoga and utilizes self care practices including meditation, mindfulness and nutrition to treat pain and heal the body, mind and spirit.  

With your support, our counseling center is able to offer subsidies and a sliding scale fee when needed.  Feel free to speak with Elizabeth or Father Andrew about supporting this healing ministry in our church. Read more on the Community Christian Counseling Center website.

Meet the St. Gregory’s Community Christian Counselor

staff-elizabethElizabeth Pankey-Warren

M. Div, LCSW, RYT Yoga teacher, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Staff Therapist with Community Christian Counseling Center

With 10 years of experience in parish ministry as an ordained Presbyterian pastor and over 10 years as a social worker in counseling, Elizabeth brings both her spiritual and clinical counseling backgrounds to her work with children, individuals, couples and families. With her gentle, yet effective style, she helps people look at adopted patterns that are exhibiting themselves in unhelpful ways in their present lives, relationships, and workplaces. She creates a safe space to look within so that clients can process, let go, heal and grow in life changing ways. In addition to counseling, Elizabeth teaches meditation and yoga classes, and practices Reiki healing.

Areas of experience include communication, relationship issues, Imago and Emotionally Focused Couples therapy, parenting, family of origin healing, grief and loss, addiction, depression, prayer and spiritual growth, meditation and breath work, and nutritional and wellness counseling

Contact Information: Rev. Elizabeth Pankey-Warren