Dear Beloved Members of St. Gregory’s and Friends in the community,

As Hurricane Irma approaches South Florida, I wanted to communicate some basic messages and offer you my prayers.

  • Please heed the warnings and directions of the authorities who are responsible for guiding our communities during times of emergency. Irma is a dangerous and devastating storm. Be safe; Be smart; Be prepared.
  • Take care of yourselves and your neighbors. This is the time to check on neighbors and especially those who are most vulnerable. Jesus calls us to be “salt” and “light” in your immediate communities and among your networks of friends and contacts. This is a good time to live into that calling.
  • Several volunteers at St. Gregory’s are calling church members to check on safety and well-being, especially our seniors and those who are living alone. Please help us by calling your friends at church. Let’s truly love each other.
  • My cell phone is 954.621.5447. The church number is 561.395.8285.  My email is Please let us know if anyone needs any special assistance or care. We are all servants to one another. Do not hesitate to contact me or the church.
  • All church meetings and special events are cancelled for this weekend. We will announce new dates as they are determined.
  • Regarding Sunday worship, we are keeping a close eye on the storm. We will post announcements on our website and Facebook and Instagram. However, safety must be everyone’s first priority.

This comes with my prayers and love for all. God is good and with God’s help and the love and support of each other, we will weather the challenges of the storm and the aftermath.

God bless and protect you all and all those who are in harm’s way.